A cool soothing mask suitable for all skin types, perfect to finish off your facial $110 
Bespoke Facial An exfoliant mask designed to soften the appearance of rough, sun damaged skin, while delivering powerful vitamin C to help promote a healthy radiant appearance. $140
Dermal rejuvenation facial infusion

Osmosis Medi-Infusion Facial. This facial has the benefits of a medical procedure and will have you rethinking the “peel”.

This fabulous treatment contains 2.5% of Retinaldehyde (the highest amount available in the market) and is the only non-acid peel that infuses the dermis with fibroblast stimulators, immune boosters, antioxidants, pigment lighteners, and calming anti-inflammatory ingredients.

The only non acid peel on the market, which uses liposomal delivery to generate 30 day collagen productions to remodel the skin. *Note: Must prep the skin using retinaldehyde for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to treatment

Facial Cool peel system

Increase the effectiveness of your treatment with a concentrated active formula

Choose from Vitamin C, calming, anti-ageing, l-hyaluronic and niacinamide (Vitamin B group)

Ultrasonic  infusion Increase the effectiveness of specialised topical serums by up to 65% with ultrasonic. Resulting in plumper, firmer skin. $25 


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