HIFU and You. Can you really have a facelift without surgery?

No needles! No down time!

The closest thing to a Facelift without surgery is here! Introducing the high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) facelift.

Over the past 12 years I’ve performed thousands of skin rejuvenation treatments. Most of them only affect the upper layers (epidermal and dermal) areas of the skin. When I learnt that a new system for face and neck tightening was on the market that actually went down to the SMAS (muscular) layer, I rushed to discover more.

Do you know how a surgical (SMAS) facelift works?

The SMAS is the connective tissue of the face that drops with age. The full scientific name is superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS). When the SMAS becomes loose and drops with age, it creates laxity along the lower face and jawline creating jowls, marionette lines and nasolabial folds. A surgical facelift procedure pulls the skin off, tightens the SMAS and lifts it to remove tissue. The SMAS is then carefully reattached. Remember, there is significant down time after such an invasive procedure.

So why the HIFU Facelift?

  • 1. It’s the only non-surgical treatment that can penetrate down to the SMAS layer. The HIFU systems concentrates multiple intersecting beams of ultrasound ((between 800,000 Hz and 2,000,000 Hz for the tech head readers) on the SMAS area. Each individual beam passes through the upper tissue (Super facial Dermis, Subcutaneous tissue) with little effect, but at the focal point where the beams converge, it heats up the SMAS, which is rich in collagen. When this tissue is intensively warmed up, collagen is produced thus firming up loose, saggy skin. As the SMAS heals it generates a natural lifted and tighter look. Think of it as an intensive weight training session for your face, as it’s very similar to the body building ‘tear and repair’ muscle building process.
  • 2. It’s significantly cheaper than surgery.
  • 3. There’s next to no downtime. But I’ll be honest, your face will be tender and may have some redness for a couple of days post the procedure.

How to achieve the best results from a HIFU session?

Internal recovery:

I recommend a high quality, clean protein powder smoothie, to help build and repair your SMAS muscle layer. 

A friend of mine who manages Commonwealth Pro Body building recommends Gel Pro – A Hydrolysed collagen peptide protein powder. When I read the benefits, I knew this was perfect for assisting the repair phase. 

Gel Pro A Hydrolysed collagen peptide protein powder

Collagen hydrolysate helps promote and increase the components of the dermal matrix. 

External recovery:

Use a combination of high quality Vitamin A and peptides topical products.

Be wary of outdated pharmacy grade formulations recommended by Dermatologists and GPs which can cause adverse reactions.

There are better options such as Retinal Palmitate or Retinal Aldehyde. All have clinical studies and results backing their effectiveness and benefits which include:

  • Repairs the cellular structure of the epidermis (optimises the skin’s UV protection)
  • Decreases clustering of melanin granules (reduces brown spots or pigmentation)
  • Decreases sebum production (treats acne brilliantly)
  • Promotes a healthy cellular membrane – (improves hydration)
  • Helps eradicate pre-cancerous skin lesions (nice!)

Environ Stockist

Topical peptides are found in the  Environ skincare range Skin Essentia and Youth Essentia

Peptides are mini proteins (amino acids). In the right combination/formulation, peptides work at triggering growth factors to stimulate fibroblast activity essential for collagen production (and the youthful glow in our skin).

I look forward to revealing a more youthful you with HIFU lifting and a superior skincare solution.